Making Plywood


Making Plywood

If there is something we have learned about making plywood, then it is that you need to have patience.


For our wooden glasses and sunglasses plywood forms an essential foundation. Since it is one of the most important components, we are making the plywood completely by hand here in Madrid.


First we layer more than 25 sheets of Finnish birch wood. Then we press them together and mold them into slightly curved tablets. The pressing along takes more than 16 hours and so we need 17-18 hours from cutting the wood until holding the final plywood in our hands.


From each tablet of plywood only six wooden glasses can be cut out. But these are not just any kind of glasses. Take a look at this video that shows the production of the plywood in detail. Enjoy watching! 😉

Yes, we are making the plywood for our wooden glasses completely by hand. It takes a while, but it is worth it!
Making plywood step by step:

1. First we receive raw birch wood from a reforested cultivation in Finland.

2. Then we cut the raw material into fine sheets of wood that fit the size of the mold in our pressing machine.

3. Afterwards we layer 25 sheets of birch wood on top of each other.

4. Finally we press these sheets with 300kg per cm2 for more than 16 hours. In this way we create slightly curved planks of plywood. These planks are molded in a way that they naturally adapt to the curved shapes of our face.

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