Birch Wood


Birch Wood

Finnish birch wood: What a wonderful material …


Birch wood forms the essential foundation of our glasses. In our eyes there are numerous reasons why this is the ideal basis for Nina Mûr Eyewear. To name the most important ones:

Birch wood is a highly flexible and lightweight material, yet extremely strong.

For this reason it is for example used in the aviation industry. Several aircrafts have been built from this material including the famous ‘De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito’. In due course it was the fastest plane in the world and it is also know as «Mossie» or «The Wooden Wonder».

It ensures a high resistance in extreme conditions.

The Nordic countries have used birch wood for a long time to manufacture tools, kitchen supplies and their famous clogs.

The birch wood of our glasses comes from a reforested cultivation in Finland.

In Finland there are strict environmental laws that ensure the continuity and stability of the soil. Since the Finish started early to protect their natural resources, it is assured that we can still enjoy the Nordic paradise in the far future.

It is beautiful, it is truly beautiful.

The light beige shade of the wood is responsible for the natural beauty of our glasses.


We simply love it! :)

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