It was born out of the need to create our own collection for our family’s opticians without the limitations of the industry.   

An alternative to mass production that would be flexible and adapt to the client’s needs.


We wanted to create a sustainable product without sacrificing creativity, design, and innovation, at a reasonable price.

For opticians with a passion for personalised service. That seek a connection with their client through products with soul and an authentic story.

With an interest in sustainability, design, and quality and who are looking for unique glasses that stands out, supported by excellent service. .


For those looking beyond fashion. For the unconventional. Those who question things and seek answers.  

Behind the Brand

At NINA MÛR, we are a multi-disciplinary team. No hierarchies, and everyone is a key player.

Lorena Serrano and David Fichera started Nina Mür in 2018.

“What is seen is as equally important as what is not seen.
The three-dimensionality and the interior aesthetics are also designed. "

Where does the name come from?

The brand started out as NINA QUICHE, which is Lorena Serrano’s alter-ego. When Davide joined the project four years later, it evolved into NINA MÛR.

NINA means kind and MÛR means “mature” in French.


“Now is the time for change,
To believe, play, to seek and to find.
To follow your intuition and create your own ideas.
To stop waiting and be brave
and rebellious, with respect."

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