_ Designed and

Produced in Madrid

100% Handcrafted with high quality European components only.

_ Designed and

Handcrafted in Madrid

100% Handcrafted with high quality European components only.

A new cutting technique enables Nine Mûr to produce wooden eyewear creations sculpted with unprecedented precision. Each model is designed and finished by hand.

Produced entirely in Madrid, where an alternative micro-industry for eyewear has evolved, ensuring the flawless quality of every component.

At Nina Mûr, we are designers, but also producers. This gives us the freedom to innovate with eyewear and effortlessly create limited editions, by virtue of the wood quality and because our glasses are crafted ONE by ONE.



(1) Like craftsmen who embrace the advantages of technology, the multi-faceted team behind Nina Mûr form part of a new era of “Digital craftsmen”.

Born from the philosophy of slow fashion, they are produced in quantities that are both controlled and scalable. Environmentally- friendly, timeless and durable.

Every pair of glasses takes over 21 hours to produce, from start to finish.


(2) 100% Designed and Handcrafted in Madrid with European components only.


As used in the aeronautical industry

Our birch wood comes from replanted finish forests that hold the Forest stewardship council certificate. Its natural properties make this a light, highly flexible and incredibly durable material.

Numerous aeroplanes have been built using this wood, including the famous “De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito”.


As used in the naval industry

Exceptionally water-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. Epoxy resin adds an extra level of quality to our glassesOur designs have been tested in extreme temperatures (-3 and 100 degrees), with strikingly positive results.

Watch the videos: -3ºC Test / 100ºC Test


Sharpness and quality endorsed by NASA and Stanley Kubrick

Zeiss lenses are the most prestigious on the market in their own right, owing to their sharpness, clarity and 100% UV protection.  NASA chose the Zeiss brand for recording their Apollo mission, as did Stanley Kubrick for the filming of Barry Lyndon.

The first photos of the moon were taken with Zeiss lenses.


Interchangeable lens system

Nina Mûr glasses are specifically designed and produced to support corrective lenses, allowing lenses up to 8 dioptries to be mounted.

All our models are suitable for corrective lenses, whether for sun or prescription.

Stages of Production(3)

(3) A fusion of technological precision and the refinement of craftsmanship.


The curved plywood sheets are produced by gluing 27 birch wood layers with epoxy resin. They are then pressed for a period of 16 hours.


The Nina Mûr team has designed an ad-hoc software for frame cutting, a process performed by a Computer Numeric Control Machine (CNC).


All the glasses components are sanded, varnished and polished by hand. ONE by ONE.


All models are suitable for corrective lenses, whether for sun or reading glasses, mountable with light pressure.


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