Nina Mûr + Abet Laminati


Nina Mûr + Abet Laminati

Introducing Abet Laminati

The history of Abet Laminati is characterised by important encounters with some of the most prominent designers and architects around the world who view laminate as a unique material that is infinitely customisable due to the combination of decors and finishes with, at the onset, serigraphy and later, digital print techniques.

The Piedmontese company has always been adept at tapping into creative impulses that would make an indelible mark on international design, providing support to stylistic and cultural movements like Alchymia and Memphis at the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s. The vocation for technological experimentation and the continuous creative research have also led Abet Laminati to develop an exceptionally rich catalogue that has fed into and contributed to the most perceptive designers in the world throughout its 60-year history.

With this type of attention, laminate has taken on a very distinctive identity separate from that of an imitative material. It has been used to create surfaces and furniture in all types of environments and has been featured in architectural design.

Continuous research into possible applications of laminate in a variety of industries has driven Abet Laminati to accept a new challenge: to collaborate with Nina Mûr, supporting the production of eyewear made of the highest quality materials.

Through the use of Abet laminates, the first collection was created: Mobile Collection (meaning furniture), as a clear tribute to the world of design and furnishings.

_ Mobile Collection



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